Investor Mama has begun!

This is my first “investor mama” blog and I have to admit I am quite excited to be doing this. I have to also admit that I needed one of my children to help me get things set up. I use the excuse that I am 52 and didn’t grow up doing this, but I think it is just that I’m impatient and my son was able to do it so much faster. There will probably be a lot of changes and improvements made, but that will have to happen as I go along because I just need to get started!

My desire with “investor mama” is to take a serious look at investments. According to Wikipedia “Investment is putting money into something with the expectation of profit.” The dictionary also speaks of investments as what we are willing to spend our time or effort in for a future benefit.  This blog is my attempt at discovering (and hopefully helping others to discover) whether or not they are investing in what will bring them the greatest returns. Closest to my heart is the investment made as a mother. I have been richly rewarded because of my family. Anyone who has children knows there is definitely an investment of money and time in raising a family, but now that I am getting older, I am really enjoying the profits.


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  1. VerNon A. Bingham

    I am a father not a mother. Nevertheless, I think your idea is great and many mothers will be interested in what you have to say.

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