Fruit Bearing Trees

There is a process that  trees go through in order to produce fruit – a process requiring faith, timing, light, nourishment, and patience. Perhaps there are some lessons we can learn from trees that will help us in our efforts to be more productive.


Just as there is no doubt that a tree seed has the potential to become a tree, we must visualize (spiritually create) what we want to become.


A seed requires specific conditions to germinate and we have motivators that can help us if we identify them and use them to help us get started.


Once a seed has germinated, it immediately searches for the light in order to have the energy needed to grow. We too need to identify what our source of energy is and push towards it.


The young plant sends out roots to find nourishment within its reach. Unlike the tree, we have the benefit of being able to position ourselves in a good place and surround ourselves with nourishment to body and spirit.


It does no good to be impatient while waiting for a tree to grow, just as it does no good to be impatient with our own growth. The key to patience is being grateful for where you’re at in the process.

Bearing Fruit
All trees bear fruit, but some of the fruit is not edible or is rotten.  Just like good pruning enhances the bearing of fruit, removing unneeded things from our lives is beneficial.


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