Planning My Garden

I am still in the process of planning my garden and get frustrated about not being able to decide what I want. While in the Air Force we would comment that “indecision was the key to flexibility” but in reality I know it is a sure way to not get what you want. So, the real question is, “What do I want in my garden?” This is an important first thing to consider. Steven R. Covey calls it, “Beginning with the end in mind.” I was thinking about this as “what fruit do I want my tree to produce?” Once I know what I want to harvest, it is a much easier task to decide what to plant. So, here is my list of some things I want to harvest in my life:

Influence for good

Strong character

Righteous posterity

Experience good and beautiful things

Pleasing to parents

Success and advancement in life

Health and strength

Wisdom and understanding

Spirit of the Lord as my companion

Sweet and good life

Accomplish much good

The Lord’s servant

Eternal Life

With this list of fruits I hope to harvest, the next step is to examine the garden and see what is already growing. Some of my plants are struggling a bit and there are some bare spots that need to be filled in. I also have quite a few weeds to take care of. It is the perfect time to work in my garden, though, since the ground is warming up and it has been raining, my soil has been prepared and fertilized and I have the time and ability. Today is the day to work in my garden of life.


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