Weeding in the Rain

I have been investing a lot of time in my garden but still have a lot more that needs to be done. This morning I decided I would work in my garden some more, but it was raining. Wait a minute! I lived in Alaska for 12 years. I know how to garden in the rain! So, I put on my raincoat and hat and went out to work in my garden – in the rain. One of the things I really like about working in the garden is the quiet thinking time or listening to stories or lectures on my ipod, but today I didn’t want to take the chance of getting it muddy; so instead, I did the quiet thinking thing. I don’t know what I was thinking about until I started weeding inside the irises and became aware that I didn’t need to use tools to get the weeds out since the rain had loosened everything. Then I started thinking about some of the storms I have experienced in my life and how, just like in my garden, it is easier to get rid of the “weeds in my life” during or just after a storm. Maybe it is because my heart gets softened (just like the ground) and I become more humble and teachable and able to let go of the negative things in my life. I guess the lesson I learned today is to be grateful for the storms of life because it aids me in getting rid of some weeds!


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  1. Carolee

    i like your insights. always have. 🙂 you’re smart.

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