Military Wife

I was reading a book this morning that caused me to reflect on the 22 years I spent as a military wife. Even though it is hard to believe that it has only been eight years since Lee retired, it seems like it was a lifetime ago.  A flood of memories and feelings came back quickly, though, with a feeling of gratitude for the investment made. Here are some of the lessons I learned as a military wife.

  1. To love people all over the world (we moved every four years)
  2. The importance of making friends quickly before it’s time to move
  3. To accept change because you’re never there until you’re really there, and then it still may not be for sure
  4. To appreciate what we have in America
  5. To hate war
  6. Gratitude that I am an American
  7. The realization that there is a price for freedom
  8. That no matter where I am or how much of a hurry I am in,  I have time to stop and stand when the national anthem is played
  9. What fear is (when Lee was in Colombia fighting drug cartels)
  10. What loneliness is (while Lee was in Oman 7 months during Desert Storm)
  11. What sadness is (losing friends)
  12. What gratitude is (that blue foam was in wing fuel tanks of Lee’s plane during the Panama Invasion)
  13. What pride is and why I am proud to be an American

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