Little Old Ladies

I have always hung out with little old ladies – ever since I was a teenager when I had to go read to one at a hospital. I find them to be refreshing. There must be something about living to be 80 or 90 (or even 105 – way to go Eva!) that brings things into proper perspective. Everywhere I live I find women in this age group and get acquainted with them. They seem to enjoy the company, and I enjoy what I learn. One way I have become acquainted with an entire group of amazing women here in Utah is at an organization called DUP (Daughters of Utah Pioneers). This organization was founded in 1901, and now thousands of DUP’s live all over the world. Very few know about this group of women who get together every month in their respective Camps , saying the pledge of allegiance, sharing histories they have written, giving lessons of heritage and history, and socializing with one another.  They are a very spry, active group who show great love and concern for one another.  For me, it is a way to feel like I belong to my new home. I have moved so many times in my married life that by seeking out those who have lived in that place for so many years I am able to learn about the past in a very close and personal way, feeling more like I belong there too. The other benefit is that I feel young and grateful for what I can do, hoping to be able to do as much as they do when I reach their age.  I love the way they help each other the best they can. For example, there are two sweet ladies here – one is blind and the other (90 years old) who needs assistance walking. They take each other by the arm and together they are able to go lots of places.  I try to do things for them, but I receive so much more from them than I give that I become the one being served.  The only drawback to this whole situation is that because of their age, they have a tendency to pass on, and although I know they have reached a milestone in their life, I can’t help but miss them. But I am so grateful that our lives intertwined, for knowing them has made me a better person and more determined to grow to be like them – enduring to the end with grace, dignity, and love.


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