I believe in angels. In fact, two of them are my granddaughters. Even though I looked forward to the time I would be a grandmother, I wasn’t quite prepared for the depth of feelings I would have of love, pride, concern, and joy for these little ones. I love hearing all the darling things they are doing and saying, feeling strongly that one of my important roles as a grandparent is that my children will have someone to tell all the amazing and wonderful things their children are doing without any feelings of bragging or exaggerating. But I was a bit unprepared for the great lessons they would teach me or the impact these lessons would have on me. My son was telling me how cute it was that when our youngest granddaughter wanted something, that instead of saying “Please,” she would say, “Thank you.” This caused me to stop and ponder the power this could have in her getting what she wants since it is almost impossible to restrain from granting whatever she is asking for if there is any possibility of giving it to her when she comes with such trust. It made me consider how I approach my Heavenly Father for things. I usually just ask and then wait to receive. But what if I were to go to Him and thank Him with complete faith, knowing that because He wants to give me all that is right and good, I can sincerely thank him and be grateful for the blessings that are coming.  I have struggled learning the concept of faith, but my granddaughter’s approach gets really close to what I feel true faith is – being able to trust so much that one can be sincerely grateful that a loving father is going to grant our every righteous desire.



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3 responses to “Angels

  1. Meredith

    Amen! Lilian and Evy love talking to you so much. In fact, every time someone calls or even if they’re just pretending, Evy always answers the phone, “Hi Gamma!”

  2. Brad

    Our girls really are angels! They teach us so much and also provide us with the great opportunity of learning how to teach others.

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