Taking time to listen

I believe we existed before coming to earth. In fact, I have proof of this in the diversity of my six children. They have each come into our family with distinct personalities and talents that have been aparent since I started being acquainted with them. I have also learned that I should listen to them because they see and feel things that I don’t, such as what my youngest daughter did a couple of years ago when she was ten. It was Thanksgiving Day and she became irritable and unnecessarily bothered by things. I couldn’t make sense of her behavior so I took her aside and asked what was going on. She told me she couldn’t stop thinking about a family we knew and it was really bothering her. I really had no idea how they were doing since we  had lost touch with them since leaving Alaska. Because of her insistence, however, we looked them up and discovered that they were living less than five miles away from us. The next day we went to their home and discovered that the mom (they had gotten a divorce) and kids were in the midst of moving. We could tell that they were in need of assistance and so we offered our home and care of the children while the mother cleaned out the house. They ended up staying with us for a couple of weeks which gave me an opportunity to work through some things between us. It made me really grateful that my daughter was sensitive to the whisperings telling her to look up this family. It also made me grateful that in this instance I took the time to listen.


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