The power of making things right

This picture was taken while Randy was making an igloo. I snuck up on him and took this picture and then ran because he started chasing me around the house.

One of my brothers (I am the youngest of five children) came and visited recently, reminding me what a fun person he is. I have always found him to be fun, even though he was such a tease. The teasing was never malicious or mean, but it did get to be trying at times. The other thing that I remember about him is that he seemed to know how to make me smile when I was sad. I have memories of being sad and him comforting me. A few years ago at a family reunion I thought to tell him how much this memory meant to me so I approached him and thanked him for being such a great brother and helping me so many times to feel better when I was feeling sad. He then got a really funny look on his face and  said, “You mean you don’t remember that it was me who made you sad?” I was dumbfounded and acknowledged that I had absolutely no recollection of why I was sad – only that my brother was there making me feel better. All I could conclude from this conversation was that if someone’s feelings are hurt, that there is great power in making things right. At least for a young child, the memory switches to the last memory, replacing the cause of the hurt with the feeling of love that is extended. This is really powerful when thinking about asking for forgiveness and then extending forth an increase of love. I am grateful that I have  good memories because my brother took the time to make his little sister feel better.


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