Opening doors of opportunity

One of the advantages of my coming back to school when I did is that I have been able to attend with some of my children who have also been attending the same school. During my first semester back I was meeting up with one of my sons in the library. When I found him, he mentioned that he would be a few minutes because he was filling out an application for Teach for America that was due that day. He had been putting feelers out several directions to see what he wanted to do when he graduated the next spring and felt this could be something he would want to do. I was reminded of this experience while sitting and watching him graduate from Johns Hopkins in Baltimore Thursday. I couldn’t help but reflect on the significance of that seemingly small act of filling out an application which opened up the possibility of his going to Baltimore, meeting and marrying Ann, teaching high school, and now graduating with his masters.  As I sat there I thought of how small hinges make it possible to open up big doors and how seemingly small decisions or actions open up big doors of opportunity. It does take a lot of preparation and work to make the hinges but once they are in place, they make a big difference. And as is the case with my son, now he is able to help others prepare hinges in an inner city school of Baltimore so they can open up doors too.


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