Enduring to the End

We were in Baltimore last week and got to go to an Orioles’ baseball game. We had been traveling since early morning and so we were tired, but we made it through the entire game even though there was some discussion about whether we should leave or not. I couldn’t help but wonder if the Orioles thought they should leave also since they were behind the entire game – until the bottom of the 9th inning with the score Kansas City Royals 3 and Orioles  2.  After getting the Kansas City Royals out without any runs, the Orioles were able to tie the game and get a man on second. With two outs, the next batter got up and got 2 strikes and 2 balls.  Then the ultimate thing happened – the batter got a home run. This doesn’t happen very often so it wasn’t something that was expected – just hoped for. And it happened. So, the Orioles won by two points. Just like that the game was over. During the game I couldn’t help but think about the challenge of enduring to the end – for this team and for us. Even though they were behind the entire game, they didn’t give up and they were able to win. By our enduring to the end we were also rewarded. A lot of people had left. It was late and was long, but the last inning was the most exciting so we were glad we stayed. We’re admonished in life to “endure to the end.” I used to think that this meant that when I got old and gray I needed to remain faithful. But this past year I have come to the conclusion that we must endure to the end every day – of whatever we are struggling through. The important part is to not give up, but to endure (keep the faith) until the end of the struggle so we can be victorious. Just like with this game we watched. They were behind until the very last play. This game only lasted three hours and really wasn’t that hard to endure. We were together, we had no where else we really had to be, and it was a beautiful night to just sit and enjoy watching a game. Most of our endurance tests are much longer and more difficult, but we can’t give up – no matter how long it takes. We must have faith and endure to the end….. of whatever we are working through. That is the only way to win in this game we call life.


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