REIC and Kris Krohn

I attended REIC’s annual Wealth Summit meeting last night and came away with a reminder why this is such a powerful company; because of it’s founder – Kris Krohn.

Kris Krohn - Owner and founder of REIC

I have had the opportunity of hearing him speak on several occasions and have been personally coached by him in a smaller group setting. He has had a major impact on my life this past year, helping me overcome some obstacles that have been in my way. It was at last year’s meeting that I felt the need to get more involved with the company. But first I have to back up and tell you how I first got acquainted with REIC (Real Estate Investment Companies). A couple of years ago we decided to start our investment business and try to help people who couldn’t purchase a home get into a lease-to-own option. We could see a real need and thought to expand our knowledge base. We paid for training through Tigrent Learning (part of Rich Dad/Poor Dad training) and started building our team. We formed our company L&L Real Estate Solutions, met with lawyers and a CPA to get things organized. We had a realtor who was helping us with properties and finding people who couldn’t qualify for loans. But we weren’t really going anywhere. It didn’t feel right. But during the searching of properties I came across REIC. They wanted me to go to a seminar and since we wanted to see how they were doing business, we went. I found that they were doing all of the things that we had already outlined that we wanted to do in our business; i.e. help people repair their credit, be financially coached, etc. etc.  After having met with lawyers and CPA’s and seeing the costs and difficulties of starting up a new business, etc., it seemed like a really great idea to let REIC handle our lease-to-own business. They were already doing it and had the infrastructure already in place with their own mortgage brokerage and real estate brokerage. I then got busy with school and Lee worked on becoming a realtor. It was at this point in our business that we went to last year’s wealth summit meeting. At the meeting they introduced the opportunity of becoming a business developer for the company. I wanted to learn more from the company so I signed up. Lee also transferred his real estate license over to TREF (The Real Estate Firm) and we began a more intimate acquaintance with this company by attending weekly meetings and receiving coaching, etc.  The bottom line with REIC is that they help people do real estate. It’s just that simple. Anyone who has tried to invest in real estate knows it is anything but simple. That is why there are so many groups teaching how to do real estate and making a long of money giving education but we have discovered that there is a really big gap between knowing and doing. But REIC makes it doable. This company was founded by Kris Krohn. He is only 31 years old and has transacted over 500 homes, owning 12 homes before even graduating from college and is now living off of the residual income from his homes. He started REIC to help other people do real estate. What I like is that in one year we have become real estate investors through partnering and are now receiving residual income. I like that we are helping people get into homes and helping them become home owners.

I took this picture the day Carlos and Minerva signed the lease to own agreement. They were so sincerely grateful to be able to sign this agreement and start making this house their home.

I like that I can help other people who want to add real estate to their portfolio learn about REIC. And as I was reminded last night, I really like that I can be taught by someone who has great faith in himself and in God and is willing to teach me. Last night he called it self brainwashing. He showed us a video he made (he likes making videos) that he watches daily that shows what he is creating in his life – not what he wants to create, but he actually visualizes and is conscious in the present because as he quoted from one of my favorite books, The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis, the only way to be powerful is to live in the present – not the past and not the future. The present is the only place that is real. And there is no such thing as partial faith. If it isn’t complete faith, then it isn’t faith. There is no room for doubt. So this morning I wrote down my statements of belief. I would like to share them with you like he shared his with us last night. The only way I will be what I want to be is to believe that I am and let the actions follow my belief.

I am a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother and friend.

I have faith.

I bring meaning and purpose into other people’s lives.

I am loved and valued by God.

I have a great mission to accomplish on this earth.

I am an inspired person.

I am able to inspire and help others to overcome obstacles that are holding them back from succeeding spiritually and financially.

I am a powerful creator.

If you have any desire to change your financial situation like I have wanted to, please feel free to contact me or go to and learn about this great company and the amazing opportunities for moving forward in your life like I am in mine.


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