climbing higher

Today is my birthday. I am 53. Some say this is an over-the-hill kind of an age. I think it is finally reach-high-enough-that-I-have-a-wonderful-view-and-direction kind of age.  I have been climbing up and it hasn’t been easy, but the climb has made me stronger. Now that I’ve reached this height, I see that there are higher mountains to climb but I know how to do it, and I’m not afraid. I have lightened the load I carry so it doesn’t wear me down and I feel like I have wings as eagles, giving me strength to run and not be weary and walk and not faint (see  I know the source of my strength and am grateful for another day of climbing!



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2 responses to “climbing higher

  1. Carolee

    happy birthday mom! sure love you

  2. Brad

    Happy birthday, Mom! This is really easy to view your blog on my smartphone, so I definitely will be viewing more consistently. Your insights have always been very enriching to me, so thanks for your continued effort to share!

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