Laughter is the best medicine

One of the greatest blessings in my life is that I have been surrounded by people who make me laugh. Growing up it was my brother. After getting married it was my husband and my children. I desperately need to laugh or I get way too serious and have a hard time looking beyond the moment.  To me laughter is the best medicine for making it through life. I am grateful for people who have an optimism in life and can brighten the world around them. One of these people is my youngest son Greg. He has saved my life on many occasions. One such time was Christmas in 1991. We were living in North Carolina and I was having the most difficult Christmas of my life. Lee had been in Oman for several months with Desert Shield/Desert Storm and we had no idea how long he was going to be gone (it turned out to be 7 months).  All we could do was hope and pray he would come back sooner than later. I tried my best to put together Christmas for my five little ones while keeping the spirit of the season, but I remember feeling really discouraged while eating our Christmas Eve dinner. I was physically and mentally exhausted and my spirits were low. And then Greg, a little guy not even 2 years old, saved Christmas. I remember sitting at the table where we had pretty much finished dinner when all of a sudden Greg put his bib up to his chin and in as deep of a voice as he could muster said, “Ho! Ho! Ho!” We  all burst out laughing because of his impersonation of Santa Clause. It was so spontaneous and unexpected, causing the entire atmosphere to switch from gloom to happiness with that laughter. I remember how great it felt to laugh and how it changed “the night to day” and cured the pain I was feeling, making it possible for me to enjoy Christmas. Thanks Greg, for all the times you’ve made me laugh.


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