Experiencing Joy

While living in Illinois I became acquainted with a wonderful woman named Eva Malone. I enjoyed the stories she would tell me about things she had done and places she had been, feeling like I was touching history by being in her presence.  It was amazing to know someone born in 1892 whose father was born prior to

Celebrating Eva's 100th birthday

the Civil War and hear what it was like to go to school in the early 1900’s with boiled eggs in her little pail and daisy chains in her hair. She told me about her visit to her brother in Panama who was helping build the canal and how she walked in it before they put the water in (built from 1904-1914). She traveled to London in 1952 to visit her son and attended the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. She remembered dates extremely well and told me one day when I arrived that her tomatoes froze on that day in 1952 (I think that was the year – she remembered it but I can’t.) After hearing these stories a few times, I decided to write down her history and present it to her family at her birthday party when she turned 100. I learned a lot from visiting Eva, but the thing that I appreciate the most is her helping me experience joy. One morning while saying my morning prayers I decided to offer my day to the Lord and told him that I would do whatever He needed me to do. After saying my prayers I felt impressed to go visit Eva Malone. Upon arriving at the self-care facility where she lived, I discovered that she had fallen and broken her hip that morning and was at the hospital. I quickly went to the hospital they told me to go to but she wasn’t there so I went to the other hospital on the other side of town. I found her in the emergency room with her 80-year-old daughter. She was doing fine but her daughter was quite upset because she didn’t drive, had to take a taxi to get to the hospital and now couldn’t go get Eva’s teeth and hearing aids so she could communicate with her. I volunteered to go back to Eva’s apartment and retrieve these things for her. Since I had visited many times, the people at the office knew me and were willing to let me go in and get these needed items. I went back to the hospital and gave them to Eva, and then stayed with her and her daughter until Eva was admitted into a room at the hospital, at which time I took her daughter back to her own home since she was exhausted and needed to rest. As I was driving home I was reflecting on the day and felt an overwhelming sense of the love that Heavenly Father had for Eva and a desire that she be taken care of. As I thought about this love I then felt His love envelope me and I was overcome with Joy. It was a wonderful feeling that I have been able to replay whenever I think about this experience, making me wonder why I don’t dedicate more days to the Lord like I did that day, but grateful for the blessing of experiencing joy that day while helping Eva Malone.



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3 responses to “Experiencing Joy

  1. Marsh Gurr

    Linda, Thank you for sharing this sweet experience about Eva; I really enjoyed visiting her. The first bishop we had (before Sumner; I don’t remember his name) took a group of youth down to meet EVa and said, “Always remember the elderly”. I was impressed with that. Wanda spoke recently with Pat, 96, Sister Malone’s daughter. She is as healthy as her mom it seems. Marsh

  2. Marsh Gurr

    Hi, Linda!
    We’re in Texas with Elana–we got back from Delaware on Wednesday. My goodness we’ve been on the road a lot!!

    It was interesting to read about Eva and your kind act of helping Pat on the day Eva broke her hip. She healed from that injury and lived on to be 103 I believe. Won’t it be fun to meet her again in heaven.

    We love you and appreciate seeing your pictures and reading your blog.

    Best memories, Wanda.

    • Investor Mama

      Marsh and Wanda:
      I feel that a lot of the great things that happened to me in Illinois was because of you two. Thank you for being such wonderful examples to me and helping me learn and grow.
      Love ya!

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