Living life more fully

Prior to weeding

Yesterday my daughters and I spent a lot of quality time together – pulling weeds. Even though I find this to be a relaxing and therapeutic activity, it can be very tiring and even painful – as experienced by my very pregnant daughter.  I usually try to weed every morning but last week I was at girl’s camp and a lot of weeds grew while I was gone. Working with plants I have come to know that the nature of things is to expand and grow. Every little plant works toward producing a seed that can grow to become a new plant, and on and on. As Wallace D. Wattles explains in a book I have come to appreciate entitled The Science of Getting Rich, this is just “life seeking fuller expression.” There is a natural desire in each of us (just like plants) to live life more fully. Even though I think all would agree with this statement, I have met many who don’t really believe we deserve to live fully (struggling myself to truly believe this).  We feel guilty if we want more so we limit ourselves as to what we want or dream about. But as Wattles teaches, “The purpose of nature is the expansion of life, so nature is friendly to your plans for fulfillment. Everything is naturally on your side. The universe desires you to have everything you want to have.” Nature works hard to expand. It is the natural thing to do. We do this naturally also, striving to improve our surroundings and develop our talents, have a family, etc. Our greatest fulfillment comes as we “seek to enlarge our life because life, in the mere act of living, must increase itself.” So, in my garden of expansion, what I choose to think about is what naturally grows. It takes more effort and positive thought to grow corn, however. I have to plant it, water it, clean the weeds from around it, and nourish it. On the other hand, weeds just grow by themselves without any effort. So it is in my life. The things that have real value take more thought and effort, with greater rewards in the end (think of sweet hot buttered corn on the cob). In order to reap the desired fruits, I need to make sure I am focusing on the things I want to expand rather than just allowing my mind to wander producing only weeds.

after weeding


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