Recently I was at girl’s camp and had the opportunity of visiting with several young women, two of whom are sisters. It made me think of my sister who is one year, one month and six days older than me. We had to share a lot of things growing up –  such as a room (for awhile even a bed),  clothes and friends.  For the most part we got along, but there were also times we didn’t. I remember one day when Rosa, a girl living with us from Peru, begged us to stop fighting. She really missed her sister and it must have hurt her seeing us angry at each other. We stopped yelling at each other and looking at her with surprised faces and asked, “Were we fighting?” I guess we did it so much that it didn’t seem unusual to be yelling at each other. When my sister went away to college I didn’t think I would miss her, but I did. So, the next year I went away to the same college and we became roommates. No one believed we were sisters because we were such good friends.  While at camp I told these two sisters that they would become best friends some day, but they looked at me skeptically.  I hope it does become true for them like it did for me, or they’ll miss out on a great friendship.

Thanks Deb for a great time at Mt. Vernon!


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