Dancing with the wind

I am the adviser to a group of young women at my church. Besides doing activities with them, I also teach lessons on Sunday. Today I will be teaching a lesson on “Recognizing Our Individual Worth.”  In this lesson is a story about Shelley Mann. She was the 1960 Olympic Gold medal winner for the breaststroke. The amazing thing about this accomplishment was that she had polio as a child. I am always inspired by the stories of those who have overcome great obstacles to achieve greatness because of how they turned their handicaps into their strengths. It is easy to become discouraged because of not having it as easy as what it appears others have in certain areas, but in reality it is the struggle that creates the strength.  (If you want to see this entire lesson, click here). This is also apparent in trees. Trees get blown around a bit by the wind, but it is the movement of the wind that causes the tree to create the strength needed to stand on its own (read about this need here). Rather than complain about the challenges, I am trying to be grateful for the lessons learned and the strength gained. I want to be like the trees and dance with the wind, becoming stronger in the process.


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